Tiffa Cheng | Designer | Software Engineer




Master of Entertainment Technology

May 2016

Master of Science in Information Technology

May 2013

Bachelor of Engineering in Information Security

June 2012


Accedo Broadband (Silion Vally) – Front-end Engineer

Sep. 2016 – Present

  • Developing user profile and playlist features for iHeart Radio app on Roku and connected TV platforms
  • Co-operating with Accedo Toronto team to develop the Studio JavaScript Framework

SimSim (Pittsburgh) – UI/UX Designer and 2D Artist

Jun. 2015 – Aug. 2015

  • Designed the webpage mock-up and product illustration for SimSim Smart Lock
  • Created promo video and newsletter comics to advertise SimSim’s product

Accedo Broadband (Hong Kong) – Web TV Developer

May 2014 – Aug. 2014

  • Developed Samsung Smart TV apps with Accedo’s North American Team
  • Implemented Flixster and Zee TV apps on connected TV platform using Accedo’s XDK framework

Peplink International Ltd (Hong Kong)– Software Engineer

Oct. 2013 – Mar. 2014

  • Implemented nDPI, OpenGTS and Google Map API into router firmware
  • Developed new features on Peplink’s cloud central router management platform


Funival – Game Designer, Project Manager

Spring 2016

Brought to life two multiplayer carnival games on a mobile-connected TV platform in cooperation with Electronic Arts
  • Developed game features and intuitive controller interactions based on user feedback
  • Prototyped game ideas and refined design through playtesting
  • Led team meetings and facilitated internal/external communication

Ancient War – Game Designer

Spring 2016

Created and crafted a 4-player RPG board game including strategic card playing and inboard fighting between a human team and a monster team
  • Combined action cards with physical skills like flicking and blowing for different roles to create a unique gameplay experience
  • Toned the gameplay design through playtesting to balance skill vs. luck

Injustice – UI/UX Designer, Film Editor

Fall 2015

Filmed and edited an interactive VR film about racial profiling with gaze and voice recognition
  • Designed gaze UI and transition effects between scenes for immersive user experience
  • Contributed to VR film stitching, masking, color correction and exporting

I AM ALONE – Game Designer, Game Developer

Fall 2015

Developed a third-person shooting game with pet and zombie AI for PC
  • Designed and implemented characters’ movement behaviors, pathfinding and decision making algorithms for game AI in Unity
  • Produced game UI, sound effects and character animations

Gaia – Artist, Producer

Spring 2015

Created a rainforest-themed educational game on mobile for Mountain View Elementary School
  • Drew 35 digital characters and six different game environments with Photoshop
  • Oversaw creative and technical development, pitched game ideas to the client and arranged playtests for second grade classes


  • Level Design and Balancing  | Game AI Development | Unity UI Implementation | User Research and Playtesting | Design Documentation | VR Film Post Production
  • Unity3D | Photoshop | Illustrator | After Effects | Premiere | Autodesk Maya | Autopano Giga & Video
  • JavaScript | HTML | CSS | Sass
  • Git | Node.js | Postman | JIRA | Chrome DevTools


  • Injustice – Invited to present at: Tribeca Film Festival, Games for Change, SIGGRAPH 2016 VR Village and CHI PLAY 2016
  • Injustice – Published as a paper on ACM’s digital library
  • Yiguang Academic Scholarship – Wuhan University


  • Global Game Jam: Mind Blown (2014), Melon Smash (2015)
  • Brand Ambassador – HTC Vive VR
  • Student Tour Guide – CMU
  • Volunteer, International Summer Program – Wuhan University
  • Exchange Student – Vrije University (Amsterdam)

Interests: Virtual Reality | Film & Animation | Video & Board Game | Figure Drawing | Rock Climbing | Hiking